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With all the fun new games for Linux and Linux-like OS's these days, it's about time there was an easy way to cheat at them! Enter Kcheat, the automatic cheating system. With Kcheat you will be able to search for values like health, score, gold, etc. in the games you play and change them to whatever you want, even lock them so they stay constant. Imagine yourself running around Quake 3 Arena with 666 health or playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with tens of thousands of troops! No complex tools or guru system knowledge required, just Kcheat and a will to bend the rules.

Kcheat uses the GPL license.


This project is managed by SourceForge so downloads, forums, mailing lists, bug tracking, and CVS access are all available from Kcheat's SourceForge page.


These screenshots were created with Kcheat 0.9.0.

Main window of Kcheat.

[kcheat main window]

Search window, looking for addresses.

[kcheat search window]

A shot of Ksnake after using Kcheat to tweak the number of balls. 'Aiee' was added.. ;)

[ksnake with lots of balls]


Kcheat's user manual. Take a look at it, it's got a lot of information and examples. It's available from the help menu while running Kcheat also.


The preferred means of contact are through Kcheat's SourceForge page. If you want to reach the author directly, you can email to Steven Brown at <swbrown@users.sourceforge.net>.

- (C) 2000 Steven Brown <swbrown@users.sourceforge.net>